Stop Judging. Start Understanding

I have a sister who is a massage therapist specializing in massage that promotes fertility. She shared the following experience with this particular card. “I have a bowl with the Simple Words for Living Large Cards in my office and I draw one every morning when I come.  One particular morning I drew Stop Judging. Start Understanding. I like to think about how each card pertains to me and at first this one wasn’t speaking to me. I don’t consider myself judgmental. I began my day and held this thought in my head. Stop Judging. Start Understanding. I was working on one client a little later in the day and as I was listening to her talk about her struggle to conceive it occurred to me that she was judging her body. We talked about how this lack of understanding leads to a lack of appreciation. These are powerful messages we send our bodies and can really inhibit what we achieve.”  Practicing understanding in all areas leads to greater possibility that we live life to the fullest. Thanks for sharing your insight Monica.

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Love is complicated.  It feels so good, it hurts so good.  But at the end of the day, “love is not a feeling, it is an action” and this was said best by Dr. Scott Peck in The Road Less Traveled, one of my favorite books.  If we are lucky, our big life is built upon millions of loving actions that we give into the world, and many which we also receive.   We show our love and then we feel that love- not because it is returned to us, but because we give it to another.  When people say “I just don’t feel the love anymore” its time to look at what love you  yourself are withholding.  If you are feeling that you have lost that loving feeling,  what can you do to change that feeling into action and then back into feeling?  If love is an action, not a feeling, then we actually have control over if we maintain that feeling or not.  By continuously taking time out of your life to show your love to another, you will always be in love.  Show your love today, by paying it forward, hugging your friends, spending time with your family, helping a stranger in need, smiling at someone, asking someone how they are doing, listening, attending, or just being with someone who needs you.  Don’t just think about someone, call them, send a card, or stop by unexpectedly just for a minute.  Valentines Day is just a reminder that love is not a feeling, it is an action so what are you waiting for? XOXO



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We found this cool way for MERCHANTS to display the cards on their counters and have found many people are now requesting the RING for their set! If you are interested in obtaining a RING for your set send us an email to  We plan to have rings available for purchase VERY SOON!

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

The BIG launch of our  Simple Words For Living Large™ product is just in time for the holidays!  We think these cards make great gifts or stocking stuffer’s for yourself or for a friend.  You can even buy one pack and slip one card into every holiday card you send!  Who knew you could fit 80 positive intentions into one tiny box?  Stuff your stockings and your New Year with simple directions for living a better life.  Flip your attitude, change your mind, and take a negative and make it positive in this coming year.  When we change ourselves for the better, we change the world around us.

Happy Holidays!

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This morning I am struck with how doubt has inhibited my belief  in what I deserve. I strongly believe we all deserve to be supported, to have people in our lives who encourage us and are our “life’s cheerleaders.” Throughout this project I have been amazed how “life’s cheerleaders” have encouraged both Jessica and me.  Yet I sometimes question if I, Marion, deserve all the goodness I truly believe comes from being encouraged and supported. And I realize therein lies the bit of direction I need today.

Grace happens! We do not need to do or be or think or feel anything for grace to happen. When we allow ourselves to believe in the notion that we all deserve to be treated kindly, supported and encouraged, grace appears. Grace appears in the form of a gentle “good morning,” in the viewing of creative work and the encouraging words “I can’t wait to see your product!”

Start Believing! Let us know where grace appears in your life today!


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We were very excited when the symbolic giraffes found us and made our Attraversiamo ™ Crossover Cards ™ logo and company philosophy complete.  Our friend Sylvie Pusztaszeri with Cian Agency was hugely influential in helping us to find the “perfect image to support our cause”.  We were so excited to find Eric Lafforgue’s amazing photograph of the giraffes in Amboseli Park, Kenya for our website.  We chose this particular photograph for its powerful reminder of all that the giraffe symbolizes as well as for how it perfectly depicts crossing over, which the giraffes in this photograph do with such grace.  Symbolically, the long neck of the giraffe reminds us to stretch and reach out of our comfort zones.    We learn from the giraffe to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  The giraffe represents the ability to be visionary while viewing the past and present. The giraffe is a messenger, encouraging us to elongate our vision and to reach as far as we can to make our own life’s dreams come true.   In African tradition, a giraffe is present in every meeting, to ensure that understandings of the heart and mind are both taken into consideration. When the giraffe visits us, it’s often a message to move and grow through life’s challenges while maintaining balance and grace.  The giraffe appears when we need that little reminder that we are able to reach our potential.  Like the giraffe, Crossover Cards™ are simple words (messengers) designed to help you to realize (be visionary) and to become (elongate) your best self (of heart and mind) and to live your best life (dreams come true) ever!  A BIG thank you to Sylvie, Cian Agency and Eric Lafforgue for sharing your talents with Crossover Cards™.

Marion & Jess




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It was December of 2010 when I decided I was going to do something different instead of the usual empty New Year’s Resolutions.  I heard about at Book Club, and I decided that this was what I would do!  The concept, in short, is to choose a word and let that be a guide for the coming year.  I realized I didn’t have a lot of time to choose a word, and I began my search.  “Have you chosen your word for My One Word yet?” asks one of my book club friends.  Needless to say, Christmas 2010 came and went, as did New Year’s, and I still did not have a word. January 19, 2011, I decided I would take a break to watch a movie my dad had given me as a gift.  With no knowledge of the whole one word aspect of the story, I began watching Eat, Pray, Love, based on a book by Elizabeth Gilbert.   Shortly into the movie a discussion along the lines of how certain cities and experiences can be described simply in a word.  In the clip below a gorgeous Italian man introduces Julia Robert’s character to the word that would soon become my word, “attraversiamo” which means, “let’s cross over”.  I was all about that word!  That would be MY lovely word for 2011.  I shared my word with Jess and all of my friends, feeling excited about how I might experience crossing over.  I registered my word with and my journey began.  The beauty of this word attraversiamo is that it can simply and literally mean to cross over to the other side of the street, or it can mean let’s Crossover™ into thinking, feeling or behaving in a new ways.


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Let me count the ways! There are so many reasons to love these Attraversiamo™ Crossover Cards™, but my favorite thing about them is that the instructions are, “there are no instructions”.  The beauty is that there are no right or wrongs- you may use these cards in anyway that is meaningful and personal to you.  You can keep them for yourself or give them to someone you love.  The possibilities are simply endless.  You may see them as directions for daily living and draw one card a day.  We encourage you to learn the Italian translations and use it as your daily mantra or meditation.  It is even fun to shuffle them and see which messages speak to you.  You may hang one on your mirror, keep one in your pocket, or keep it in your wallet or on your visor in the car.  These tiny portable messages might be small in size yet; they are large in possibilities they present.  We invite you to use them in anyway that you choose!  Be creative, be YOU!




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I think it was a Friday night in May of 2011, and Marion and I had dinner plans at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.  The hostess sat us in the most beautiful table the restaurant had to offer, beside a huge window that faced onto an ornate Zen garden, complete with koi ponds sprinkled with white flowers and lily pads reflecting the twinkling red lanterns hanging above from the towering peaceful trees.  In hindsight, it is clear to me how the universe was supporting our creative spirits this night whether we knew it or not.

As therapists who had worked across the hall from one another for the past five years, we had many conversations between updates on our own lives to the lives of our clients who had come to us for help in making change happen in their lives.  We began to explore the idea of change and synchronicity.  Marion and I happen to share the belief that the universe supports us when we need it and that our teachers appear when we are ready to learn and when we are on the right path – synchronicity occurs and the intention is manifested.  Many times, in my own life, when that little voice in the back of my head whispered that it was time to make a change, I would begin to notice little supportive messages showing up in my life – like key witnesses in a trial – bringing forward all of the evidence I could possibly need to validate that I was on the right path.  Sometimes the messages are present, but if we aren’t open to them, we don’t notice them.

As we began exploring the idea that in order to change we need to create positive intentions – not only to stop doing one thing, but also intentions to start doing something new – the idea for the cards just came to us!  Before we knew it, we had inked both sides of two napkins upon which we had written what would soon be known as our very own Attraversiamo™ Crossover Cards™.



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