Marion and Jessica have been close friends and colleagues since 2006.  Today they enjoy managing and owning Attraversiamo, LLC together, where they aspire to change the world, one card at a time!

Attraversiamo™ is a powerful word which means “let’s crossover” in Italian.  This simple word is what inspired us to create Crossover Cards™!

Crossover Cards™  are simple tools that invite you to EXPLORE your personal potential for positive change and growth.  We hope these cards will be a source of awareness, direction or inspiration for you to lead a better life!  You may use these cards in any way that you choose- be creative, BE YOU! You may keep them for yourself, place one in a greeting card, hand one to a friend in need, stick it on your mirror, pin it in your cube at work, place it in your daily planner or simply leave a card in a fun, random location for someone special to find (and if you find one- email us and tell us where you found it)!

As a tribute to the word which inspired this project, every Crossover Card™ has its very own Italian translation. Whichever message speaks to your heart is the one we included perfectly for you.


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